How to Print to PDF on Mac


Print to PDF Mac

Are you still confused about how to save files as PDF? Once you are using a computer which works on Mac OS X system, then you have no need to use any expensive solution like Adobe Acrobat Pro to print or save a document as a PDF on Mac. Thanks to the built-in capability of the Mac, you are able to directly print any document to PDF on your Mac without using any additional software but a connected printer. This great self-contained function is particularly useful for Mac users to store, email and manage files as PDF format files.

Tips: If you need to create PDF from Text files or images on Mac, please use this Mac PDF Maker software. It can convert Text and common pictures to PDF with high quality. Intuitive interface and fast converting speed makes the conversion simple and easy.

Since Mac comes with the built-in Mac PDF Printer which supports directly solution to print document and save it in PDF format that you can quickly save your files to PDF on Mac. Once you want to take use of this helpful function, please note that once a document has been saved as PDF on Mac, it will turn to a read-only file essentially. It means that your can't edit the file which has been changed to PDF any more. So if you try to create PDF on Mac from any file, please remember to make a copy of your original file first!

Now here we go with the detail instructions to show you how to print and save as PDF on Mac. Just follow the steps below to create PDF on Mac from any of your document now!

Note: Windows system-based computer is not coming with the direct feature to create PDF from viewing document. So once you are a Windows user, then you can just use a PDF Creator to create PDF file from any printable files.

How to Print to PDF on Mac?

Step 1: Open the document you want to print to a PDF and select "Print..." from the "File" menu. You can also press Command-P to enter the printing dialog sheet such as this will appear:

create pdf on mac

Step 2: Click on the button located in the lower-left-hand corner which labeled as "PDF" to choose the command "Save as PDF" from the pop-up PDF menu.

choose to save as pdf on mac

Tips: To create a PDF-X of your print job, you can just choose the "Save as PDF-X" option from PDF drop-down list. PDF-X files follow a series of printing related requirements not found in standard PDFs, and are used by professional print shops.

Step 3: In the pop-up "Save" window, you can add meta data to the PDF and select the destination to save the PDF document. Once you've done all the settings, you can then click "Save" button to save the document as PDF in the Mac file folder you've set.

print to pdf mac

Tips: Clicking "Security Options..." button in the Save window, there will open the PDF Security Options dialog box, where you will have the following options:

* Require password to open document;
* Require password to copy text, images and other content;
* Require password to print document.

By the way, you can also create a PDF file of a document on Mac by clicking the "Preview" button in the Print dialog as well as the first pictures shows above. In the "Preview", you can choose "File > Save as" to create PDF on Mac from the document you are viewing.

That's all about how to save/print to PDF Mac from the viewing document. If you think this article is really helpful, then just share it with more friends who don't know how to print to PDF on Mac now!

Tips: If you want to convert PDF to commom image format, like PNG, GIF, BMP, JPG and so on, this PDF to Image Converter Mac can give you a hand. With it, you even select the page range of PDF file to convert as you need.

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